t-shirts for geeks that do not suck

good stuff by http://internetducttape.com/2006/12/14/107-t-shirts-for-geeks-that-do-not-suck/

Being naked sucks.

Not for you, but the people around you. You might be living the geek
dream, but a chubby belly, pale skin, and the muscle tone of a newborn
calve isn’t doing anything for the people who have to look at you.

That’s why t-shirts are good.

(bad example, she probably looks good without a t-shirt)

Nerds like shirts-with-funny-things-on-them like a fat kid likes
cake. I don’t know why; I’m not a psychologist (although I play one on
the Internet). But you can use that to your advantage. It’s might be
too late to order t-shirts online in time for Christmas, but I thought
I’d continue my Gift Guide for Geeks by taking a look at some of the best shirt choices on several popular websites.

If you’re a t-shirt addict, you might want to check out some of these fine blogs that are devoted to t-shirts: addic[tee]d, Preshrunk, iloveyourshirt, and tcritic. I’m only doing this for one post; they do this all the time.

On to the t-shirts!

The usual yada-yada: if you disagree with my picks, or you think I
missed something then leave a comment and I’ll update. There are no affiliate links in this post (//engtech is a hobby, not a business).
I only directly link to the product for Threadless and Etsy, because I
know they won’t break the link when my back is turned. Photos are from
the respective websites. Am I missing a good store? Tell me.


  • tg – Think Geek is one of
    the most well known geek stores on the Internet. Penny Arcade and
    Slashdot sell stuff through them. I’ve ordered from them before.
  • jx – Jinx is a popular site with gamers. I’ve ordered from them before.
  • pr – Phatrags is a site I hadn’t heard of before. More offensive than others.
  • tsh – T-shirt Hell is another site with a lot of offensive t-shirts.
  • gv – Geek Vogue is a European site. I hadn’t heard of them before but their email inspired this post.
  • tl – Threadless constantly gets rave reviews from everyone who uses them and has a thriving community.
  • ns – Nerdy Shirts is proof that StumbleUpon can be useful.
  • fic – Found Item Clothing sells t-shirts you see in movies and on TV.
    ec – Enclothe.
  • od – Oddica.
  • et – Etsy (lots of handmade stuff here).

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